Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rebooting the old TBS magic!

Some but not all of you might remember a blog I started around 3 years ago now called The Top Bunk Studios Dev Blog. Well, I have exciting news: We're back for round 2! The most exciting news is that I said "We're" instead of "I'm" for a good reason!

Yes, yes, yes, we have a new member! The other members, they don't count anymore. I was the only one who wanted to stick through to the end, anyways. They're all gone. But I have a new slave now, and his name is Jerome Jones. I'm gonna have him post an introduction post here shortly after I post this. I'm sure you'll all get along swimmingly!

In an effort to reboot the old hunk of junk name Top Bunk Studios, I deleted all of the old posts, and will probably change the template when I post this. We're starting from scratch, and this time, this scratch is guaranteed to break the skin! Okay, well, that was a poor metaphor, but you get the idea. 

Until next time, Bunkers!

-Ethan Garen of TBS

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