Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We aren't slowing down yet!

Coming up... momentarily, probably, is Jerome's first game and a side project to TBS: Candy Cane Adventure! Play as a candy cane who tries its best to navigate a tricky labyrinth of sweet, sugary candy! I've played through about half of it myself, and it's pretty hard! Find the download link in the roster soon after I post this, and remember: DEATH IS SWEET!

NOTE: While I want to point out that I did fix some of this, this is Jerome's game. He made... almost 100% of this (with the exception of music and almost all of the sprites) and I did almost nothing to contribute. This is not me wanting to distance myself from it; it isn't bad! I just want people to put credit where credit is due.

NOTE 2: We had some trouble with the game, so it's going to go up sometime tomorrow. Check that download roster!

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