Wednesday, April 13, 2016

TBS: The Lost Files. Pack of small games!

Okay, so ever since we started making games, we've always made joke games, or things that we just canned, etc. This is a collection of our games that we haven't released. Most of them are just jokes.

Note about the pack from Ethan: We saw that we had hit 1,000, and we decided: How best to commemorate our successes than with our failures, and happy bits of the year gone by? So we gathered up what had failed, what had worked but needed to be improved on, and what we made and laughed at, and we put it in a .zip file. To celebrate our 1,000, you get to see where we went wrong, what we might have done to improve, and see the jokes that made us chuckle... or at least blow air through our nose. Our goal at TBS is to provide quality entertainment with a story and characters that stick with you. Our goal is also to be human. You deserve to see the failed side of us, and the more personal humorous side of us. We'd hardly be human if we were one-dimensional cardboard cutouts happily advertising our new bit of entertainment. We want you to see us for who we are, and we want you to get a glimpse into what makes us... us. Maybe we can scare your pants off. Maybe we can get you to giggle. Maybe we can make you say "neat!" Personally, I hope we can do all three. Please enjoy our failures, please enjoy our successes, and please enjoy our humor. I know we sure did.

This is just Version 1, if we ever come up with more games like these, we'll add them in updates.

There's a .txt file explaining each game, be sure to read it! Expect unfinished and very small games. Thanks for reading, and have fun playing these silly games.

NOTE ABOUT THE PACK (from Jerome): In a lot of these games there's flashing lights (like really intense flashing lights) and also sometimes really loud audio, especially in the Nerag.exe when you get a game over, there's music that can be really painful to listen to. (wasn't even done on purpose but apparently i'm really bad at 8 bit music right now lol. seems to be caused by a repeating music note that plays during the whole song) Be careful and don't hurt yourself! We would never put these (very rapid flashing lights and loud/painful audio that can hurt your ears) in an actual full game by us, so you only need to worry about it in this pack. Enjoy these weird games! (if you can even call them games)

Link to Download:

(lol BTW we don't own the weird shrek video that's in the CCA 3 joke folder, here it is on YouTube:

- Jerome Jones and Ethan Garen of TBS

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