Tuesday, July 18, 2017

KLU 1 year anniversary + Likely the final KLU Patch! + A few words

In honor of KLU's one year anniversary, we've made another update for it! This one will likely be the last. This one actually adds some more content!... But only if you have managed to get the true ending. B)

Also, some bug fixes.

Firstly, the shot noise for the turret has been removed. It caused too many problems. It had to be put out of its misery.

Secondly, anti-aliasing no longer happens when the game is maximized, so if you maximize the game, it won't be blurry. I turned that on for some reason a long time ago. Not sure why I did. Looks very crisp and smooth now! No need to have anti-aliasing in a game full of pixel art.

Thirdly, something nobody notices is that there is a secret room in this game. There is now not only one, but multiple secret rooms in the game, and two of them deliver story. Pretty cool, eh? If you've truly completed the game, check the credits screen for a hint...

Link to the game on both GameJolt and itch.io! https://zycronexus.itch.io/keep-looking-up http://gamejolt.com/games/keep-looking-up/166161

Now, a few words. Yes, we're still kinda on a hiatus. Kinda. We still don't have a music guy, and that might not be sorted out for a while, but we aren't letting that prevent us from working on/coming up with ideas! We may not release anything new for a while, but just know that we aren't dead.

Until next time, bunkers!

- Ethan Garen and Jerome Jones of TBS

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Announcement and Apology

First, the announcement.

The person who used to make music for our games, Gyhujikolp, will no longer be making music for our future games. We've discovered that he's said a few not good things. It sucks. He wasn't bad at music at all, he was talented, but we really don't want someone who says the things he says on our team!

And, the apology.

Me and Ethan haven't been very active lately, we apologize! YAIAM is still in development, and isn't canceled. Though, it has been slowing down and we aren't sure if we'll be able to release it any time soon. Plus, not having a music guy sucks. Until we get things sorted out, we may not be active/post updates on the blog for a while. We're kinda on a hiatus right now, I guess. Apologies. Hopefully things will get sorted out and we'll come back soon.

Thanks for reading!

- Jerome Jones of TBS

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Keep Looking Up - Tons of Issues Fixed

Hey, Jerome here, and we just finished another KLU patch. We fixed a ton of issues. Mainly volume ones. The game is definitely better now, so check it out if you want! (Patch will be out about 30 minutes after this post)

Changelog for Patch 1 and Patch 2:
- Fixed major bug that wouldn't let you warp to decision if you picked certain path

- Fixed minor bugs

- Added the ability to maximize the window so you don't have to squint, thank goodness. Keep in mind maximizing the window might make the game a bit blurrier, so it's up to you if you want to do it or not.

- Fixed a ton of volume issues

- We no longer need to include an ini with the game, the ini now automatically goes to your appdata folder when you boot up the game!

- Less file size! They were a couple songs in the game that were pretty masive file size wise, but after exporting them as .ogg, they sound just as good, but are a lot smaller!



- Jerome Jones of TBS

Sunday, February 5, 2017

February Update

Alright, time for a bit of an update, we've been kinda quiet.

We're starting to work harder on YAIAM, it's starting to make progress, but of course, it's going to take a while. Back when YAIAM was first announced, only Ethan was working on it. But now I've started working on it too, and will keep doing so (I'm having a good time working on it!)

I have a couple other things to talk about, too.

First, remember CCA? Our old series? Well, if you beat CCA 2, you probably saw that we said there would be "a next time" or something like that. Me and Ethan now have decided that we don't really like the CCA series, and we think it wasn't very good. We've improved since then! And we now think that the series doesn't have much potential.  So, there won't be a next time for CCA

Second, if you beat Keep Looking Up, you saw that we said "the quest will be continued very soon." Don't worry, that will likely still happen, but it might not be very soon. We have a good idea for what we want it to be, but we have stopped working on it for now, in favor of YAIAM, and a potential other project.

One last thing! If you ever checked out the TBS channel, you saw that we uploaded a Midnight Heights developer commentary. It has just me in it, but if we make more developer commentaries, they'll probably have both of us in it.

Thanks for reading!

- Jerome Jones of TBS

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New accounts for TBS!

Me and Ethan, for a while now, have been using our own accounts to upload our games and trailers, but we realized that probably isn't the smartest thing to do, and it would work out better if TBS had their own accounts on some sites!

So, I made accounts for TBS on YouTube, itch.io, and GameJolt. 

Our future trailers will be uploaded to the TBS YouTube Channel, and our future games will be uploaded to the TBS itch.io and TBS GameJolt.
(except for You Are in a Maze, since Ethan already put the page for that game on his GameJolt account.)


Thanks for reading!

- Jerome Jones of TBS

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Years / New project has a Gamejolt page!

Happy new year, Bunkers!

We have a Gamejolt page for the project we talked about last post! There will be a lot more frequent updates there, so check it out if you want a steadier flow of news!

This project is called You Are In a Maze, or YAIAM for short. You play as Zack, an eternal pessimist who is trapped in the maze-like afterlife when he tries to save his girlfriend! There's quite a bit more info on the page itself, so I recommend you go check it out!


Until next time, Bunkers!

- Ethan Garen

Friday, December 2, 2016

New project in the works!

I wanted to hold off a little bit before telling you all this, but eventually I broke down, and here we are.

Not gonna name-drop yet, but know that it involves saving your significant other from a death maze, with multiple upgrade routes, tons of bonus levels, characters you can relate to, and bosses that will take your breath away. (See, I felt kinda bad about there only being like 3 total bosses in KLU, with most of them being repeats of the same one in a different way. I'm making up for it now.)

Stay tuned for more information!

Until next time, Bunkers!

- Ethan Garen