Keep Looking Up:

Escape the Labyrinth to save your kind, ultimately deciding whether to side with the helpful yet unreasonable Scrawl, or the angry but logical Error in your journey to escape. But really, is EITHER side the right one, and can you find your own path? Get to the bottom - or is that top? - of things, and KEEP LOOKING UP!

Full Game:


Here are some of our older and/or not very good projects. Most of them aren't very good, but we did learn a lot from making them!

Stay Up:

Stay up for as long as you can while trying to fight away hallucinations...

Bullet Hell:

Blast away aliens in a simple shoot-em-up game!

Bullet Hell Download Link:

Candy Cane Adventure!

Play as the living peppermint stick Candy Cane as he tries to save the world from an evil mafia in what has been described as Candy Land with crime lords!

CCA1 Download Link:

CCA2 Download Link:

Snip, Snip

A detective and his girlfriend have a perfect relationship. Unfortunately, life is known to be not that perfect. The Detective one day finds his girlfriend missing, and it's up to him to save her!

Defeat a jealous Vixen while battling the monsters of your own guilt in Snip, Snip, a wordless game about overcoming your doubt and fear one cut at a time.

Snip, Snip Download Link:

School Projects

Some games I've made for school projects.

Solid Steve: Defeat terrorists as my history teacher!

Caesar: Play through some minigames that reflect key points of Julius Caesar's life - and eventual death.

Solid Steve Download Link:

Caesar Download Link:

TBS: The Lost Files

A small pack of joke, discarded, or otherwise rejected prototypes that otherwise would have never seen the life of day.

Note about TBS: The Lost Files: (from Jerome): In a lot of these games there's flashing lights (like really intense flashing lights) and also sometimes really loud audio, especially in the Nerag.exe when you get a game over, there's music that can be really painful to listen to. (wasn't even done on purpose but apparently i'm really bad at 8 bit music right now lol. seems to be caused by a repeating music note that plays during the whole song) Be careful and don't hurt yourself! We would never put these (very rapid flashing lights and loud/painful audio that can hurt your ears) in an actual full game by us, so you only need to worry about it in this pack.

TBS: The Lost Files Download Link:

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