About Us

Heya! We're Top Bunk Studios, a small indie team dedicated to bringing you unique and quality games! We try to, at least! Really, there isn't much more to say, so we'll tell you a bit about ourselves.

Ethan Garen:

Hey, I program a lot of our games, and I usually do art for them too. I tried to start this team years ago, but it didn't go very well, and mostly just consisted of pretending to be making games while nothing actually happened, painfully aware of the fact that the only reason I could get away with it was because I was, in the grand scheme of things, invisible. Years later, I restarted the blog, this time with a partner. What's more, we're actually MAKING games, and have released a few! It feels good to actually be DOING things, finally.

Jerome Jones:

Hi, this is Jerome! You can call me Jerm. I'm mostly a level designer and programmer, but I do art and concepts sometimes. Games are really important to me and I hope to make great games with Ethan!

Hey, I'm Sid. I sprite, and although I'm not really the best, I'm still proud of my work. I've also had some brief experiences with coding, and have some of my own (private) games.

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