Monday, May 25, 2015

Spooky Fun for Everyone!

Well, maybe not quite so spooky, but a little chilling!

So I'm working on another side project for you all. I call it Mansion of the Vengeful. It's a top down shooter where a house full of evil spirits threatens you! The spirits previously claimed your father when he attempted to beat the evil back, so now it is your duty to avenge him! Are you up to the challenge?

Until next time, Bunkers!
- Ethan Garen

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Candy Cane Adventure!

It's here, my first complete game! Candy Cane Adventure is a platforming game where you shoot/dodge enemies and go through platforming to beat the levels. You play as a Candy Cane who is against an evil Gumdrop!

- Jerome Jones of TBS

(Psst! Hey! Ethan here! Check the download roster for a link!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We aren't slowing down yet!

Coming up... momentarily, probably, is Jerome's first game and a side project to TBS: Candy Cane Adventure! Play as a candy cane who tries its best to navigate a tricky labyrinth of sweet, sugary candy! I've played through about half of it myself, and it's pretty hard! Find the download link in the roster soon after I post this, and remember: DEATH IS SWEET!

NOTE: While I want to point out that I did fix some of this, this is Jerome's game. He made... almost 100% of this (with the exception of music and almost all of the sprites) and I did almost nothing to contribute. This is not me wanting to distance myself from it; it isn't bad! I just want people to put credit where credit is due.

NOTE 2: We had some trouble with the game, so it's going to go up sometime tomorrow. Check that download roster!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Download Roster

This post contains downloads for all the games, side projects and main focuses alike. See below for downloads. This post will be edited as new games from us come out.

Side Projects

Solid Steve - Dropbox Download

Candy Cane Adventure - Mediafire Download

The Life and Times of Julius Caesar - Dropbox Download

So, some quick notes...

Alright, so I want to pre-emptively clear something up real fast. When I say we're rebooting Top Bunk Studios, I just mean the look. We're still gonna make the ExoGenesis Saga series of games, beginning with Total Darkness (which ought to be easy enough to do in the program we use, currently).

Secondly, I made a small game for a class presentation on the 90s. It's short (around 5 minutes long, but could be longer, depending on your skill level), and isn't THAT hard, but the second level is particularly tough in my opinion. I'll post a link to the game momentarily. Prepare your browser!


Hello there! My name is Jerome, I'm the guy Ethan was just talking about. Me and Ethan are going to be making some awesome games together. In fact, I'm already working on a game and I'm almost finished! I will be sure to post about it soon. Well, that's all I have to say for now. I'm be making some more posts soon!

-Jerome Jones of TBS

Rebooting the old TBS magic!

Some but not all of you might remember a blog I started around 3 years ago now called The Top Bunk Studios Dev Blog. Well, I have exciting news: We're back for round 2! The most exciting news is that I said "We're" instead of "I'm" for a good reason!

Yes, yes, yes, we have a new member! The other members, they don't count anymore. I was the only one who wanted to stick through to the end, anyways. They're all gone. But I have a new slave now, and his name is Jerome Jones. I'm gonna have him post an introduction post here shortly after I post this. I'm sure you'll all get along swimmingly!

In an effort to reboot the old hunk of junk name Top Bunk Studios, I deleted all of the old posts, and will probably change the template when I post this. We're starting from scratch, and this time, this scratch is guaranteed to break the skin! Okay, well, that was a poor metaphor, but you get the idea. 

Until next time, Bunkers!

-Ethan Garen of TBS