Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Snip, Snip

In response to a game jam on Gamejolt, I made a thing.

Enter Snip, Snip, probably one of the only games you will ever see with no words whatsoever. Anywhere. Yet, I still tell a story. That WAS the challenge of the game jam, after all!

The Detective lived a happy life with The Girlfriend, whiling their days away at the agency, sending love letters to each other (despite seeing each other every day) and meandering around The Detective's apartment. However, one day, The Girlfriend doesn't show up for work. The Detective still receives his love letter, however. Upon opening it, he discovers a picture of the couple on their anniversary, cut in half between them. The Detective initially takes this as a breakup, but then he notices a bloodstain on the envelope...

Join The Detective in his journey to learn the truth about what happened to his significant other, battling the kidnapper and his own grief to prevail. Will you make the cut, or will your life be cut short?

Get the game now on Gamejolt: Click here!

Update: We're still alive and working!

Okay, we haven't posted in a while, but don't worry, we're still working hard on our games.
In faaact, Ethan has something awesome to post about later, stay tuned!

Candy Cane Adventure 2 has been on a small hiatus lately, but know we're still working on it!
I'm not entirely sure of the release date for it, but I am pretty sure it'll be here before October.

- Jerome Jones of TBS