Friday, October 30, 2015


Hey, hey, hey, happy Halloween!

We've, ah, "finished" CCA2 in time. Now, don't get scared off by those quotation marks. They're friendly. They won't hurt you, we've trained them not to bite. All we're missing is a couple songs. The game is fully functional and beatable. Some music is placeholder music. If you find a spot where there is no music, that pocket of silence is not going to be in the final product. Almost every part of the game should have music when it's finished. When we get the real music, we'll update it, and you all will get the full release.


With Gumdrop defeated, Candy Cane makes his way back to Sweetsville. But wait! A letter left behind tells Candy Cane that everyone in Sweetsville has been kidnapped by Black Licorice, Gumdrop's boss! Fight through 5 worlds, facing shadows, robots, bats, bears, turrets, and more in an attempt to save the citizens of Sweetsville! I won't sugarcoat it - you're in for one heck of an adventure! Have fun, and remember: DEATH IS SWEET!

Download here:

Until next time, Bunkers!
-Ethan Garen

Monday, October 19, 2015

Update!... again.

Hi - Jerome here. Time for a well needed update. First off, CCA 2! I originally planned for it to come out before October, but I underestimated how much work we had left. But, we are almost done! So close, I can taste it...

Candy Cane Adventure 2 will (probably!) come out on Halloween!

Also, we have somebody that will help with music in our games. Great! More info about that later.

- Jerome Jones of TBS