Wednesday, May 25, 2016

New Game! Welcome to Bullet Hell.

Hi guys. This is a game I've been working on for a few months. This just came out of no where, huh?

It's a Shmup/Bullet Hell game! Inspired by Touhou and Undertale.
What are some features of this game? Well, you can shoot, slow down, collects keys to unlock exits, and more. 3 chapters, and 3 boss fights!

Even a completionist bonus, if you beat the game, you get 1 star and unlock the challenge level. If you beat the challenge level, you get the 2nd star. Wanna be a completionist? Get both stars.

Xbox Controller is supported too.

Featuring music by Gyhujikolp, again!

You can download the game here:

or here:

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the game!

- Jerome Jones of TBS