Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Announcement and Apology

First, the announcement.

The person who used to make music for our games, Gyhujikolp, will no longer be making music for our future games. We've discovered that he's said a few not good things. It sucks. He wasn't bad at music at all, he was talented, but we really don't want someone who says the things he says on our team!

And, the apology.

Me and Ethan haven't been very active lately, we apologize! YAIAM is still in development, and isn't canceled. Though, it has been slowing down and we aren't sure if we'll be able to release it any time soon. Plus, not having a music guy sucks. Until we get things sorted out, we may not be active/post updates on the blog for a while. We're kinda on a hiatus right now, I guess. Apologies. Hopefully things will get sorted out and we'll come back soon.

Thanks for reading!

- Jerome Jones of TBS