Tuesday, July 18, 2017

KLU 1 year anniversary + Likely the final KLU Patch! + A few words

In honor of KLU's one year anniversary, we've made another update for it! This one will likely be the last. This one actually adds some more content!... But only if you have managed to get the true ending. B)

Also, some bug fixes.

Firstly, the shot noise for the turret has been removed. It caused too many problems. It had to be put out of its misery.

Secondly, anti-aliasing no longer happens when the game is maximized, so if you maximize the game, it won't be blurry. I turned that on for some reason a long time ago. Not sure why I did. Looks very crisp and smooth now! No need to have anti-aliasing in a game full of pixel art.

Thirdly, something nobody notices is that there is a secret room in this game. There is now not only one, but multiple secret rooms in the game, and two of them deliver story. Pretty cool, eh? If you've truly completed the game, check the credits screen for a hint...

Link to the game on both GameJolt and itch.io! https://zycronexus.itch.io/keep-looking-up http://gamejolt.com/games/keep-looking-up/166161

Now, a few words. Yes, we're still kinda on a hiatus. Kinda. We still don't have a music guy, and that might not be sorted out for a while, but we aren't letting that prevent us from working on/coming up with ideas! We may not release anything new for a while, but just know that we aren't dead.

Until next time, bunkers!

- Ethan Garen and Jerome Jones of TBS